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Moving isn’t just about getting a great home, but landing in a community where you and your family can thrive, long-term. You want it all – information on what neighborhoods have the best schools, bike paths, parks, and community events.

With this in mind, Portland Development Group is happy to offer you the following resources for the neighborhoods where we develop.

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Southeast Portland

Cozy, rustic, yet undeniably hip and connected, Southeast Portland is an exceptional place to claim for your own. Buckman, Richmond, Sunnyside, Laurelhurst, Mt. Tabor, Sellwood, and East Moreland represent smaller sections of this diverse Portland neighborhood. The following resources can help you decide if Southeast has offerings that suit your needs:

North & Northeast Portland

An area of opportunity that embodies the pioneer spirit exemplified by the West since Lewis and Clark first arrived in our fair state, North Portland features an alluring mix of welcoming neighborhoods, stunning parks, and epic architecture. Smaller locales within the area include Irvington, Grant Park, Alameda, Sabin, Concordia, Beaumont-Wilshire, each brimming with unique personality.

NW District & West Hills

When we find the right project in this picturesque part of town, we’re thrilled to get started. Full to the brim with charming side streets, sprawling gardens, and classic homes, the West Hills hearken back to glamorous decades past. When you hear the names Forest Park, Hillside, and Southwest Hills, you know you’ve entered this majestic part of town.

Have questions about a particular neighborhood? Give us a call! We’re happy to discuss options with you.

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