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If you’re looking to invest in the Portland real estate market, look no further than Portland Development Group Investments. We obtain properties from top class neighborhoods and transform them into rewarding investments.

One facet of what we do here at Portland Development Group Investments is to seek out properties ripe for development. Once acquired, we work with seasoned investors to transform these properties into homes.

We are always seeking investors who wish to work with us to build stunning, functional homes where there once were fixer-uppers. While a property is being developed, our affiliated, seasoned real estate and marketing team, Portland Realty Group, markets each for pre-sale, setting the property up for a successful sale once construction is complete.

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Portland Development Group Investments specializes solely in property development here in Portland, and has a deep interest in improving the community during this time of massive local growth. Supporting development in Portland means supporting the beautification and growth of this unique and stunning city. We work with private investors seeking to allocate funds into the Portland real estate market and see a return on their investment.

For more information, email Mike Hubbell at or call him at 971-563-9362

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