3 Tips for Restoring an Old Home

Restoring an old home can be a massive undertaking that’s well worth the market value if completed correctly. If you’re looking to restore an older house to its former glory, here are some quick tips for knowing which renovations will work best for you and your home.

  1. Start with the essentials

While it’s fun to choose bathroom tiles or paint swatches for the kitchen, the beginning stages of an old home renovation must take care of the biggest issues first. For example, an important feature of good shelter is it being watertight. Especially with the weather in the Pacific Northwest being known for more than its fair share of rainfall, this is crucial to ensure that more damage won’t inadvertently be done during the renovating process.

Take a close look for any roof leaks, cracks or leaks in windows, crumbling mortar and general water damage throughout the home. These are issues that need to be addressed first, barring other major issues that may be present. To see if the mortar needs repairs, check your fireplaces and chimneys for crumbling or missing mortar.

  1. Consider the resale value, even if you don’t want to sell

It’d cost about the same amount of money to renovate the same home in different cities. Be careful not to spend more money on renovations than what the housing market in that area is willing to give. One way to ensure you’re getting a fair shake is to research what other renovated homes in the area are selling for. This will help you more strategically craft your budget moving forward.

  1. Creativity is key

From uneven floors to crooked walls and awkward niches, older homes are often known for their charming albeit inconvenient traits of old-style living that most modern home buyers are not accustomed to. While some homeowners may want to fix these quirky traits, this can actually be a time to let the creative juices start flowing and use your home’s unusual features as selling points.

Customize the house’s baseboards so that the lengths will accommodate uneven flooring. Get utility out of every foot of your home by adding closets, bedrooms and bathrooms in the niches and open spaces. Part of the appeal of old homes is the history they hold, and that history is told in the rooms, doors and windows.

Portland is brimming with vintage homes whose charm make this town special. At Portland Development Group, one of our greatest pleasures to complete home remodels and restorations that breathe new life into these classics. Contact us and get started on your next project today.