How Will Tesla’s PowerWall Impact New Home Construction?

Millions of homeowners all over the United States – and millions more around the world – are embracing eco-friendly building materials and the green construction movement more than ever before.

This is not the construction world fad some industry outsiders believed it was going to be only a few short years ago. No, this new green initiative is very much the focus of the construction industry moving forward. Companies that produce building materials, as well as contractors and carpenters responsible for building new homes and renovating old ones, are serious about lessening the impact on the environment as much as possible and continue to endeavor to do better every day.

That is where Tesla and their new PowerWall comes into play.

What is Tesla’s PowerWall?

Engineered to help dramatically reduce dependency on traditional power sources, the new PowerWall from Tesla ties into rooftop solar panels and provides an efficient storage solution for the electricity generated by solar energy that can then be used throughout the home or for electric cars.

Just seven days after Elon Musk announced to the world that the new PowerWall technology was ready for production (and would cost between $3,000 and $3,500 for each unit) the entire production run of more than 38,000 units sold out completely – and new units wouldn’t be ready for shipping until 2018.

This is very much the future of the construction world, and it’s likely that more and more homes will be constructed with the PowerWall technology from Tesla (or competitors that get in on the action) in the years to come.

Solar energy boom

Solar energy technology is exploding across the world. This also includes the technology being created by Tesla that will abandon traditional panels in favor of solar shingles that are dramatically more efficient and better at converting solar energy into usable power.

More and more companies invest billions of dollars into this new solar revolution, and we are just starting to realize the benefits in ways that many couldn’t have ever anticipated.

One day, every new home might be constructed with a PowerWall—or its equivalent—to take advantage of the new solar shingle technology that will go mainstream by the year 2030 (if not sooner).

This is game-changing technology that will push the industry to new heights, and construction professionals, architects, green energy scientists, and homeowners alike couldn’t be more excited!

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