Bathroom remodel inspiration: 5 ideas to spruce up your home’s most important room

Yes, we said it: the bathroom is the most important room in the house. That, along with the kitchen, are what Trulia calls “Buyer Hot Spots”, the two main things buyers are looking for as they shop for homes.

It’s for good reason, too. The bathroom is the place to relax, and one of the only rooms with implicit privacy. It’s often where you start your day and could be the last room you visit before bed. It should serve as your sanctuary.

Our tips below aren’t for re-selling purposes (though they would do wonders for your home’s value); rather, they are so you can get the most out of the room that’s most important: the master bathroom.

1. LED lighting

The first one is amongst the easiest – it’s a remodel you can do yourself. It’s also one of the best energy-efficient additions you can make to your bathroom (LED lights average 75% less energy than typical incandescent lights).

They can also add visual appeal to your bathroom, such as installing them to light counters, backlighting mirrors and even as a color wash to walls. You can even use them to color water, as LEDs don’t get damaged by water.

2. Replace the flooring with something bold

We recommend tile floors in general, as they are more reliable than hardwood (which can get warped and damaged over time). As you can see, the range of designs are bold and striking, the perfect look for a modern bathroom.

Of the different materials, many people go with vinyl – it feels better on bare feet than ceramic, and it’s less expensive too.

3. Add some curves

Boxy, 90-degree walls are out, sleek and curved walls are in. We aren’t saying to turn your bathroom into a giant circle; rather, we are suggesting you to incorporate a few curves. That could be a “cocoon” for your tub, or even faucets and fixtures that are more shapely.

4. Consider integrated sinks

Most bathroom design now is going minimal. An integrated sink means it’s built into the countertop, with water than runs into a crack as opposed to a drainpipe. What’s more minimal than that?!

5. Open up the room with indoor/outdoor bathing

You will want to make sure you are free of view for this one; however, with modern technology, you can purchase windows where the glass instantly switches from clear to frosted. If you aren’t comfortable with that type of exposure, you can go with other ideas like large glass windows that face trees and gardens or adding skylights to bring in more natural lighting.

At Portland Development Group, we specialize in home remodels, both major and simple. We even offer one-year builder’s warranty to our projects to ensure you’re happy with our work.

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